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Nothing says “clean” more than a professional upholstery and carpet cleaning in your home from our professionals at Zen Carpet Cleaning Bend Oregon. We know how important cleanliness is for you and your family, so we make sure that your carpets, rugs, and upholstery are as clean-as-can-be for everybody’s comfort and wellbeing. Your family will thank you and so will your guests. When they come to visit, they may not want to say anything but there’s a good chance that, if your carpets and upholstery haven’t been cleaned in a while, they may very well look and smell bad as well as being full of allergens.

Professional Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning Services in Bend, Oregon.

Whether your home in Bend is in need of just regular carpet and upholstery maintenance or you’re just moving in and want everything to be properly cleaned for the health of your family and pets, we can help. We offer the best in professional carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning in the entire Bend area. That’s why you should call us today for an appointment. After all, your family’s health could depend on it and certainly, their comfort definitely does.

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Your Local Area Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning Experts

We’ve been in the upholstery and carpet cleaning business right here in Bend, OR, for eight years now. During that time, we’ve served thousands of satisfied customers in and around the local area. We use only the very latest cleaning technologies available to man. That means a better clean and a healthier environment for yourself, your family, and your pets. So, why not contact us today for a free quote? All you have to lose are dirty carpets and upholstery, lingering odors, and the germs that can hide in all of those soft surfaces.

Why you should contact Us

  • We are highly trained professionals with eight years of experience in the cleaning industry.
  • Having specialized in carpet cleaning, we offer the best pet odor carpet cleaning services in Bend Oregon.
  • We use advanced cleaning methods made of the best technology.
  • More than 1000 clients we have worked with have appreciated our work.
  • We treat your Upholstery and Carpets with utmost care and respect.

Just by owning a pet, you are almost guaranteed to get a smelly carpet eventually. You can purchase chemicals to help clean up the spot made by the pet’s urine from the carpet. The problem is, these chemicals end up damaging the carpet without even getting to do away with the odor entirely.

However, whenever you get our professional help, you will be sure to get a spotlessly clean carpet that is well treated to destroy any odor that may be present completely. Additionally, we take care of the pet fur and dander that may be lying around the house to eliminate any risk of illness especially for those who are allergic.

Moreover, we can quickly get to the material that is underneath your carpet. With our modern cleaning equipment’s, there is no carpet that we cannot clean. Our experience allows us to clean even the toughest carpet since we understand the problem and how to handle it.

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Services Needed

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Aside from upholstery and carpet cleaning, we also offer the following services:

Allergen Carpet Cleaning
Move Out Carpet Cleaning
Odor Removal
Pet Odor Removal
Rug Cleaning
Stain Removal

Allergen Carpet Cleaning

Allergies can be difficult to live with whether they afflict you, your spouse, your kids, or even the entire family. Allergens can live in your carpets and upholstery and cause serious irritation. Upholstery and carpet cleaning on a regular basis can help with preventing those allergic reactions and lead to a healthier and more comfortable life for all of you.

Move Out Carpet Cleaning

When it’s time to move, you undoubtedly won’t have the time for carpet cleaning to get the place ready for a homebuyer, a new tenant, or for your landlord to refund your security deposit. All of these things are important, so don’t leave it to chance. Make sure that your carpets are move out ready for you and move-in ready for someone else.

Odor Removal

Let’s face it, soft surfaces like carpets and upholstery can attract and hold onto all kinds of smells from smoke to cooking odors to pet odors. Don’t let them ruin the serenity of your beautiful home when you can get rid of them by calling us at Zen CC in Bend, Oregon, for a free quote and to set up an appointment for eco carpet cleaning Bend Oregon.

Pet Odor Removal

In many cases, our standard Zen CC carpet cleaning process is all that’s necessary for pet odor removal. However, in cases that are more severe and urine has soaked through your carpet’s backing and into the carpet pad, our specialized method for removing those really difficult pet stains and odors via a sub- extraction procedure will fit the bill and ensure thorough cleaning and preferred results.

Rug Cleaning

At Zen Carpet Cleaning, we know that many homes not only have carpets and upholstery that require regular cleaning but decorative rugs as well. Many of them are quite colorful and others are also downright expensive. That’s why you want them to be treated with the utmost in professional care to preserve their beauty and prolong their lives. You can count on us to use only the best cleaning and preserving products in handling your beautiful rugs.

Stain Removal

It’s a well-known fact that ugly stains can mar the beauty of your carpets, rugs, and upholstery, It’s also a fact, however, that sometimes they’re unavoidable. Kids, pets, and even guests can cause widespread stains that need professional removal. Our team of experts at Zen CC are well-trained in all types of stain removal and you can count on us to ensure stain-free soft surfaces that you can be proud of.

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