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Zen Carpet Cleaning Reviews

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zen carpet cleaning reviews

Zen Carpet Cleaning Testimonials

zen carpet cleaning reviews

“We use Zen to deep clean our carpets every few months and have found their people reliable and a great value for the price. When we have relatives visit with pet allergies we get the deep steam allergen carpet cleaning service instead of the general carpet clean and it seems to work for them.”


Draven Urei
zen carpet cleaning reviews

“Carpets are sometimes the bane of our lives, no matter what we have done to them in terms of cleaning them has failed to give us carpets that looked clean for longer than a couple of days. We have used vacuum cleaners, carpet shampooers and a whole host of different cleaning products. The carpets soon looked dirty again, stains were difficult to remove and after a while they smelt too. We were almost at the end of our tether when some friends recommended Zen Carpet Cleaning. Our friends told us Zen were easily the best firm for carpet cleaning Bend Oregon.


It was so simple to get in touch with Zen, just as our friends said it would. We simply went on the website for our free quote. We arranged a date for the Zen team to do the cleaning, and wondered if the service they would provide us with would be worth the money. Well let us tell you that hiring Zen to clean our carpets and rugs was worth every single cent. Indeed the prices they charge and the quality of the cleaning they carry out makes it tremendously good value for your dollars. The cleaning company were highly professional and got the job done with no fuss at all.


They got here bang on time and within the hour all the carpets and rugs within our home were the cleanest they had been in years, perhaps spotlessly clean for the first time since we laid them on the floor. We feel that the extra thorough clean will allow us to keep our carpets for a few years longer. Their big industrial cleaner sucked a great load of dust and grime. We pointed out some stains that had been on the living room rug for months yet were removed in moments by the carpet cleaner they used.”


Beverly Devon
zen carpet cleaning reviews

“I have a house that has wall to wall carpeting. Every room in the home had new carpet installed three years ago. My allergies started acting up one day so I went to my doctor. He asked about my home and if I had any carpet. After I told him my house was full of carpet he gave me two options, pull it up or has it professionally cleaned. After spending a ton of money on carpet, I was not about to pull it up. So I called Zen Carpet Cleaning of Bend, Oregon. They gave me an amazing price and sent a team of cleaners out to my home in just two days. I was happy to find out that they specialize in allergen carpet cleaning. Since they have cleaned my carpets I have been able to avoid taking my allergy medication and my doctors says I am doing much better! I highly recommend that if you suffer from allergies to call this amazing company and let them clean your carpets. “


dave w.
after zen carpet cleaning
before zen carpet cleaning
zen carpet cleaning reviews

“I did not think that there was a firm capable of eco carpet cleaning Bend Oregon or for the surrounding district. For years I attempted to clean the carpets in my apartment with both eco and non eco products without any success in having carpets that looked clean for more than a few hours. I tried another cleaning company several years that barely made the carpets any cleaner while wasting a lot of electricity and water in the process. Disappointed I reverted back to cleaning the carpets myself. Thankfully a neighbor told me about Zen Carpet Cleaning and said their standards were really high.


Zen have not only found ways of getting carpets and rugs spotlessly clean, they have found ways that involve the minimal use of energy and water while cutting out the use of harmful chemicals. Other companies I had asked about cleaning my carpets had said that strong chemicals were need to remove the most stubborn of stains. When I searched on the Zen website it mentioned that this firm made real efforts to provide eco carpet cleaning for the Bend area. Instead of strong chemicals they would use shampooers and steam cleaners to remove the worst stains.

Once the cleaners from Zen turned up at the apartment it became clear that the cleaning service was as eco friendly in reality as it was shown on the website. They used low energy vacuum cleaners that still had enough power to remove surprisingly large amounts of dust. That just shows that the average household vacuum has little power for removing dirt.


As for the shampooer it used extremely small quantities of water and a small amount of eco cleaning liquid. Still it made the carpets look much cleaner and removed even the toughest stains. It had the bonus of been quick drying too.”


gayatri soon
zen carpet cleaning reviews

“I have a beautiful rug that my grandmother gave me. While I love the rug it has become pretty stained up over the years. From coffee to wine this rug really has seen better days. I had it in storage for several years and wanted to use it in my new home. So I decided to have it cleaned. I contacted Zen Carpet Cleaning and had them come out and see if there was anything they could do. After the cleaners took a look at the rug they said it would not be a problem. I went and made some phone calls while they cleaned the rug and when I got back I was amazed at how great it looked! The rug looked practically new. They have the best rug cleaning Bend Oregon has to offer! I would highly recommend Zen Carpet Cleaning if you have a dirty rug that you want to save.”


Kim white
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carpet cleaning bend oregon before
zen carpet cleaning reviews

“I had just moved into a new apartment, which was supposed to have been cleaned, but the carpet was dirty and musty. I told the landlords and they said that the rugs had been steam cleaned. I have a new baby and pets and worry about the allergens in old carpets because I know it can make people sick. After 3 weeks of trying to get my landlord to clean the carpets better, I finally called Zen Carpet Cleaning in Bend Oregon myself. They were there the next day and cleaned my carpet with safe, non-toxic chemicals, so I didn’t have to worry about my baby or my pets. The carpet was almost fully dry when they were done, so they were able to replace my furniture and I was able to get on with unpacking and setting up my new home.

The carpet looks fantastic and it was so affordable. I will definitely call them again and recommend them to anyone!”


zen carpet cleaning reviews

“I love my pets and they love me. I have two dogs and three cats living with me and they are like my babies. Many people say I am crazy for treating them like people but I just can’t help it. My fur babies are very well mannered but they sometimes have accidents on the carpet. These accidents can not only leave stains but also foul odors. I have tried to clean the carpet myself but I can never get them completely clean. After getting embarrassed one day, when a friend complained of an odor, I decided it was time to do something. I picked up the phone and called Zen Carpet Cleaning. I told them my situation and they informed me about their carpet pet odor removal service. After hearing about the service I told them to come on out. In a few days, they came to my home and cleaned the carpet. Not only was my carpet brand new again all the odors are gone! I highly recommend their service to anyone with pets. “


Ben Kalmu
zen carpet cleaning reviews

“The carpet stain on my living room floor was impossible to remove. I spilled red wine and it left a huge stain right in the middle of the floor. I tried several household carpet stain removal products, but they did not remove the stain. After realizing I needed professional help, I called Zen Carpet Cleaning Bend Oregon. The team was very courteous and arrived at my house on time. I liked that they treated the stain before cleaning my carpet. When they were done, my carpeting looked amazing and the stain had vanished.


At first, I was not sure the stain could be completely removed without bleaching or damaging my carpet. The technicians assured me that their carpet stain removal process could get rid of the stain safely. I am so glad I called them because my carpeting looks and smells brand new and looks better than it has in years. If your carpeting is stained and if you want it to look pristine, give them a call today. I am very impressed with this highly reputable company and will call them again.”


Alexandra Schlatman
zen carpet cleaning reviews

“My landlord told me he had put the home I was living at on the market and that it had sold in just a week. I was happy for him but not for me. While he did give me 30 days to pack and move, it was not something I was looking forward too. I had two kids and needed to have the carpets cleaned in order to get my deposit back so I could use it on a new place. I called around and found a really affordable cleaner. Zen Carpet Cleaning is local so they were able to quickly schedule me in. Within two days they came out to the house and cleaned all the carpets. They removed all the stains and I think it allowed me to get my deposit back. I was super excited! If you are in the market for a move out carpet cleaning service, I would suggest Zen Carpet Cleaning. Not only did they give me a great deal they also did the job very quickly.”


Lissa Ross

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